Feature Screenplays

Like a Motherless Child  (Historical Drama)

Based on a true story, two orphaned brothers deal with poverty and racism while trying to succeed as jazz musicians in 1930s New York. When one of them falls in love with a woman, it threatens the other's sanity. 

Winner, New York Screenplay Contest

Quarterfinalist, Zoetrope Screenplay Contest


Among Thieves (Crime thriller)

After her release from prison, an ex-con tries to turn her life around and become a role model for her troubled niece. The discovery of her brother's murder, however, forces her back into her criminal ways in order to get revenge, but risks the girl's future. 

Academy of Vengeance (Teen horror)

After her father is murdered, Victoria must uncover a secret network of serial killers who run her small, remote boarding school in order to get revenge. 

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Original Pilots

Glass & Steel

(Faculty Honors, Columbia University Film Festival 2016)

Ambition and lust fight with morality in this dramatic pilot about the high-stakes world of construction and development. Centering on an idealistic young woman from the Bronx and her troubled, Machiavellian boss, this is a modern parable about the dangers of capitalism.